An Introduction

Welcome to my potentially semi-abrasive opinion blog. In the future you can expect posts on how NOT to plan your wedding, what NOT to do in church, along with uplifting materials such as my personal input on LDS quotes found on Pinterest. Any pictures I post will be used from online sources for my own anonymity.

The inspiration from my blog has come from many years of judging neighbors and ward members weddings with my dear mother. Was their announcement formatted correctly? Was the groom wearing a suit or a tuxedo? Were their decorations classy or trendy? Etc. PSA for FUTURE BRIDES please please PLEASE feel free to contact me. I can answer any questions you have with the help of my dear mother. One purpose of this blog is to inform the oblivious on wedding etiquette and traditions.

So welcome, sit back, relax, and join me as I attempt to convince you to think exactly the way I do.


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