A Dose of Inspiration: Happiness

In contrast to my “I am better than thou” because of my opinions posts, I will also be including uplifting quotes to balance out the negativity. I understand that part of the gospel is not judging, being inclusive, and happy. This I am striving to do. (Note: Striving. The irony doesn’t get past me. Yes, this blog is to convince everyone that I am right about everything and yet here I am blatantly stating that sometimes, actually, often, I am off base.  I am entitled to share my opinions, you are entitled to take them how you choose. That does not make me a better human being than anyone. When it comes to tradition it is okay to disagree. However, the gospel is a completely different ballpark.)

Today I would like to share with you a quote by our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

maximum happiness

As someone who has struggled with depression for years this hits close to home, especially now that my birth control has put my hormones even more out of whack. Choosing to be positive can be SO HARD. However, there is no doubt in my mind that even if our minds are genetically prone to negativity, it is our choice whether or not to let it penetrate our souls. It is my testimony that God wants us to be happy. He wants us to experience great joy in this life. It is up to us how we choose to respond to the trials life throws in our faces.

“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.” And choose ye this day to live happily.


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