Desensitization of Television

I remember the first time two women started kissing on the screen in front of my mother and I. I was taken aback and fled to under the blanket to avoid the scene. Meanwhile, my mother let out a screech. We were just watching a show on TV. Since when was this allowed on public television? It used to be that you had to seek it out. Since then it has transitioned into something that we now have to avoid.

When it comes to television, shows used to be so careful. In I Love Lucy, Lucy and her husband were filmed sleeping in separate beds to avoid any innuendos. Since then sex has become the norm. In the past few months I have watched episodes from FRIENDS and How to Get Away with Murder. I noticed the transition allowing gay and lesbian scenes. In FRIENDS Susan and Carol are shown as a lesbian couple. However, they avoid intimacy. In How to Get Away with Murder, they push and shove any sex they can into the plot. Even worse, they include more gay sex than heterosexual sex.

When the first gay sex scene came up my dear husband and I made a decision to continue the show. It wasn’t ideal but we enjoyed the plot and figured we could just skip over the gay sex. We didn’t realize how often it would be included. We felt like there were no other shows that would be any better so we sucked it up and finished the series. How terrible is that? How terrible are we? We watched material we deem inappropriate because there was nothing available that met our moral standards. Why didn’t we just choose to watch nothing? Because we have been desensitized.

Not only has sex and gay sex been infiltrating television so has violence, profanity, infidelity, and and immodesty. Every show is an FBI murder investigation. It’s either CSI, Bones, NCIS, or some other violent, murderous show. Spouses and couples are constantly cheating on each other, often with members of the same sex because they just realized their bi-sexual or homosexual. Not only is clothing skimpy, and trashy but people are immodest in their behavior and in the things they value. Instead of spending holidays with family they are out drinking with their work. Instead of dating for marriage they’re dating to get laid. There is a focus on science and a mocking of religion. The media has many problems. How do we go about changing this? What can we replace this media with in the meantime? How do we protect our children from this? How do we protect ourselves from this?


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