Unite to Execute LuLaRoe

Recently a friend on Facebook hosted a party for LuLaRoe. In one of her posts she mentioned how she wears LuLaRoe leggings and t-shirts to class everyday, how she works out in them, how she sleeps in them, how she wears their dresses to church. Um, okay, if you can wear the same thing to the gym, to bed, and to class then you have a major problem. Basically what she said is that she wears work out clothes/pajamas to class EVERY SINGLE DAY. How frumpy and unflattering! (The whole workout clothing as running errands clothing is another topic I will eventually get to.) Also, their dresses are not formal enough for church. They are great for going to the beach because they look like cover ups.

LuLaRoe is a crime against the fashion industry. I remember being five years old and wearing patterned cotton pants and a t-shirt, a very similar look to the patterned leggings and Irma t-shirt sold at LuLaRoe. That is what five year olds are supposed to wear. This is what LuLaRoe products remind me of. Their style is so childish, informal, and to put it bluntly, it is obscenely hideous. The patterns are disasterous, the clothing looks cheap even though they have somehow convinced people to overpay for them, and the style is at the root of the problem. I mean honestly! When was it cute to own bright blue leggings with red boxes of popcorn on them? Those are funny as pajamas but why on earth would you wear that in public!? Ladies! Buy some real pants! Comfortable real pants exist and are way more age appropriate. I understand, for many leggings are a staple. Okay, buy one or two black pairs and wear them occasionally. But STOP wearing leggings and a t-shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY. You look SO trashy and cheap. Not to mention, and I’m not sorry for this, but most of you don’t have the bodies to pull off such tight clothing. The reason you like such “comfortable” clothing is because you’re so fat. There, I said it.

Now for the dresses. I see it everywhere: the t-shirt that goes to the knees. How comfortable. What a great night gown! It makes for a fabulous (and overpriced) cover up for the pool and is sometimes cute for hanging out with friends or even grocery shopping. Why are you wearing it to church? Church is a place to worship God. We dress up as a way of showing our respect for him. You wouldn’t wear a night gown to church so why oh why are you wearing that frumpy t-shirt dress?

lularoe wearing

Finally, mlm’s. For those of you who are not aware that you are being bombarded with multi-level marketing here is a list of the most annoying mlm companies you are most likely familiar with: LuLaRoe, Lipsense, NuSkin (primarily their whitening toothpaste), and the list goes on. They hire distributors whom you are forced to buy through. There are no stores so the distributor makes commission on sales. How best to get the word out so they can make more money? Social media of course! So, not only do I have to see people wear these ugly clothes at school, and church, and even in the gym, but I also have it shoved down my throat every time I log into Facebook. I would be SO embarrassed to join an MLM. I understand that it is an easy way to make some extra money. I just couldn’t stand the thought of clogging up the news feeds of my friends with junk.




And there you have it. That is my rant for the day. Perhaps a little hateful but I can not stand the cheap, ugly, unflattering, obnoxious, frumpy look anymore! The fact that the picture I used for the cover photo was from their advertising is so sad. They actually think this is a good look for July Fourth? How embarrassing. Here are some more flattering options for you. The first is picture is probably the most practical, I’ll admit. But it really isn’t that hard to look decent and still be comfortable. Honestly, just take the blazer off of the third picture and it’s instantly more casual. You’re welcome.




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