I Heart G’s

Growing up in an LDS household I was used to garments. My dad walked around the house in a pair of basketball shorts and his g-top and my mother would often wear them as pajamas. I always knew that one day I would have to wear them and I did not look forward to it, this became more true the older I got. When I started wearing a bra I once wore a camisole underneath to experience what it feels like to wear a bra with garments. Let me tell you, it was NOT comfortable. I also had never owned shorts to my knees and eventually I began wearing tank tops with my mom’s required 2 inches of fabric to cover my shoulders.

The more I wore clothes that wouldn’t met garment standards the less I looked forward to growing up and eventually having to wear garments. I told myself that I would get married at 26 or 28 instead of the typical young age of 19. By that time it would be more flattering on my body to wear longer sleeves and shorts. Guess what? That didn’t happen. I was a young bride.

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A Dose of Inspiration: CTR


Choosing the right now saves you from all the hardships that can accompany the easier wrong. Not only are you doing the right thing but you are avoiding obstacles that would appear further down the road.

How to Look Cheap at Your Wedding: Shoe Edition

We’ve all seen them, that couple who thinks they are so cute and practical because they decided to wear matching converse on their wedding day. It’s so easy because converse come in every color (so you can choose the colors of your wedding, score!), you aren’t rubbing your feet after a day in high heels, and how adorable are the pictures that photographers take of the wedding parties shoes!? Well, I guess I’ll be the one to break it to you but, it is not cute at all. Some think, “no one will see my shoes so they don’t matter that much.” WRONG. There is a trend right now of taking photographs of shoes as one of the “detailed shots.” Not only this, but I guarantee that during some dancing, hugging, raising your arms to cheer in photographs, etc, the hem of your dress will pop up and people will see what shoes you are wearing. This goes for girls who think their southern themed cowboy wedding in Utah is a good idea as well. These girls have obviously chosen to wear *shudder* cowboy boots with their wedding gown. And I’ll tell you, it’s not cute. It’s ugly, and it’s the easy way out. There ARE shoes out there that won’t kill your feet at the end of the day and still look appropriate. This is your wedding day for crying out loud! Granted, I spent a couple of months looking for the right shoes and I still wasn’t completely thrilled by them. For those who are thinking about sneakers, you’ll be much easier to satisfy.

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